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Monday, 27 February 2017

Down and Out: Trump effect

Down and Out: Trump effect
- The gloves are off as the Trump effect gives licence for every nasty to crawl out of the woodwork. At a recent fund-raising dinner of the Q Society (self-described as Australia’s premier anti-Islam association) with journalists present, the speaker, cartoonist Larry Pickering, shamelessly told 160 guests: “Let’s be honest, I can’t stand Muslims… If they are in the same street as me, I start shaking.” Former Liberal MP Ross Cameron said, “The New South Wales division of the Liberal Party is basically a gay club… I don’t mind that they’re gay, I just wish, like Hadrian, they would build a wall.” And crime fiction author Gabrielle Lord, whose latest novel is about forced marriage in a Muslim community, said “Brothers and sisters, there is a war and unfortunately… we are caught a little unaware because they were better prepared than we are.”