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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Prison to wellbeing to education and work – transforming lives

Prison to wellbeing to education and work – transforming lives
- The Labor Party has at least committed to the Custody Notification Service. I have written widely about this service – and if implemented in Western Australia it will save lives – and reduce the sentencing rate. It mandatorily provides a stout advocate, highly trained, to every First Nations detainee immediately after their arrest. Where this service has been applied in NSW and the ACT it has led to zero deaths in police custody. During the 2015/16 stretch Western Australia reported six unnatural deaths in custody, the nation’s highest total rate. But a Custody Notification Service in Western Australia would provide support for an individual from soon after their arrest. It would provide vital health, welfare, legal support and psychosocial validation. The CNS has also led to lower sentencing rates in NSW and the ACT