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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Post-Brexit punk and austerity anthems - 2017's political rock resurgence

Post-Brexit punk and austerity anthems - 2017's political rock resurgence
- It was Copernicus who first calculated that the horridness of any given government is inversely proportionate to the brilliance of the rebel rock music it inspires. It became known as Bragg’s law, but in the 21st century this reliable age-old adage broke down. Iraq, student fees, rocketing rents pricing musicians out of cultural hubs, banks causing a global recession, banks getting bailed out so they can keep paying themselves the sort of bonuses that ancient Egyptian kings used to get buried with, creeping NHS privatisation, austerity, the rise of the far right, mass corporate tax avoidance, Syria and TTIP; all of this came, and largely stayed, with barely a whimper of objection from the rock community.