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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Does Indonesia Truly Benefit from People Migrating Out of the Country?

Does Indonesia Truly Benefit from People Migrating Out of the Country?
- Pallavi Aiyar and Tan Chin Hwee might be the first to coin the term ‘two of a kind’ to signify similarities between Indonesia and India. “Instead of comparing India to China, why not to its civilisational sibling, Indonesia?” to infer their basic assumption. (The comparing of China and India began in tandem with their rise in global economy.)
The similarity between India and Indonesia spans many spheres, including human development, religion, language, purchasing power parity, political system, and much more.
Aiyar and Hwee explicate the resemblances through vast amount of variables. Notwithstanding that, there is something not so complete when we are not talking about the people’s global representation, say, what would the global citizen think about when they see Indian or Indonesian diasporas walking on the streets, in colleges, or offices?